F1 Students Weclome Care Pack

Nurture Your Study Health with Care Pack

All users insured under the Student Medicover plan are entitled to receive one Welcome Care Pack for free. Click the button below to choose your preferred method of redemption. (Online collection channel officially opens on September 1st)

Campus Pick Up - How it works

Step1: Click the "Sign Up" button below.

The following form information is generated based on the information you provided when purchasing the Student Medicover insurance. If the information is correct, please click the red “Sign Up” button directly to complete the registration.

Step2: Add your school assistant on WhatsApp

The popup WhatsApp QR code is your exclusive school assistant. Please scan the QR code with WhatsApp to add the staff. The responsible assistant will inform you of the offline collection address and details via WhatsApp later.

Step 3: Go to the school for picking it up

Please bring the confirmation email of successful insurance, which contains the distribution QR code, to the designated location of the school. The staff will scan the voucher and verify the information upon your arrival, and then distribute the Care Pack.

Click to collect, add the assistant to complete the registration.​






Cover Diverse Study Abroad Senarios

This premium mini first aid kit is equipped with equipment for your study abroad life, travel, sports, daily emergencies, etc.


Whether it's first aid for trauma, common minor wound dressing, or emergency medication for acute illnesses, the Care Pack can meet your study abroad health needs.


Its compact and lightweight size allows it to be easily placed in a backpack, handbag, or in the front storage box of a car without taking up too much space.


High-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure its durability. The PVC body effectively resists daily collisions and abrasion, protecting the integrity of the internal medical supplies.


Adopting special waterproof materials and sealing technology, it is easy to clean and maintain. Effectively prevents water penetration, protecting the items inside the care pack from rain, splashes, or moisture intrusion.

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